This is part 1 of a UK documentary about artist, Stephen Wiltshire’s amazing ability to recreate detailed drawings of city landscapes from memory.

Judging from this documentary and other footage of his interactions with his family, peers and the general public, I can tell what a pleasure it would be to speak to him in person and to watch him work.

You also can’t help but feel inspired by how much Stephen has accomplished and has overcome in his life. Since his early childhood, his art became a means to overcome his difficulty to communicate with the rest of the world. And now, his autism aside, he gets to travel the world and draw so many wonderful locations!

Here is part 2:

… and, part 3:

Deliver wow to your customers.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of and author of “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose,” appeared on the Colbert Report Monday night. One of the interesting topics of the interview was ‘happiness in the workplace.’

So, why are we posting this clip?

Well, the first of ten core values at Zappos is “Deliver wow through service.” At Image Maestros, we strive to deliver a product for our clients and customers that creatively speaks what needs to be told — their unique story or message.

Watching this interview reminds us how we also strive to deliver a visually stunning and/or entertaining wow factor in each and every message.